Phase 2 of Automation, BSC Update, Additional Stores & More

Before opening, we wanted to thank the entire CryptoCart community once again for the continued support and patience shown to the team as we continue to over deliver on everything we promised. There have been a few questions in regards to the next steps for automation, what is happening to the BSC network, when will the bridge be reopened, etc. We wanted to write this article to give you all a comprehensive update with the next steps. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

Phase 2 of Automation

We are now going to start onboarding our key advisors, team and community members into our private main-net testing who are willing to provide constructive feedback. Each user will carry out a series of controlled tests which they will then provide feedback on. This includes user experience, ease-of-use, design and improvements. We will also ask users to carry out random testing and let us know what would be a good improvement generally. Testers that have already used our store and made orders will be prioritized at this testing stage, but the form will remain open for everyone to express their interest.

The next stag is we will now be opening a private Telegram channel for all of our testers to communicate and provide feedback. If you would like to express your interest and be part of the core testing please fill out the form below:

BSC Plans

To date, the BSC network has been unaffected, however we want to implement the same security measures and contract improvements as we have done for the ERC20 side so will also be relaunching a V2 on the Binance Smart Chain. The snapshot we have taken was at block 12265157, November 1st 2021, 02:31AM UTC. This was shortly after we were alerted to the hack and encouraged everyone to hold their tokens for further updates. As of right now, it is impossible for us as the team to interact with the liquidity pool or sell any tokens until the liquidity is unlocked, but we do not want to wait over a month for it to unlock in order to relaunch; and for that reason we are going to be opening up a swap.

Snapshot List — Block 12265157, November 1st 2021, 02:31AM UTC

For holders that ARE on the snapshot list, you are included in the 1:1 swap of the BEP20 CC token to the new BEP20 CCV2 token. To do the swap, please fill out the form below which will require you to send the old CC tokens to our team wallet. The new BEP20 CCV2 contract will be pegged to the same price as the new ERC20 token.

For holders that are NOT on the snapshot list, you are advised to sell your old CC token. The only reason you would not be on the list is due to either buying after the exploit when advised not to, or panic selling before the snapshot was taken where you would have still had liquidity to sell due to it being unaffected. There will be no edge cases on this side due to it being unaffected and there still being liquidity in the pool.

All users on the snapshot list will have two weeks to fill out the form and make the transfer of your tokens. The cut off date for this will be the 7th December 2021 at 15:00 UTC. Once all the users on the snapshot list has sent over their tokens, we will be using that to drain the liquidity from the BEP20 CC pool to relaunch the new BEP20 CCV2 pool. All users that send the tokens on the snapshot list will be getting identical tokens from new contract.

Additional Stores


We already know, and anyone that has used any of our stores know that what we have built is game changing for the way people can spend crypto for goods and services, and can be very easily adopted by millions overnight with the correct exposure. The reason we have not started as soon as we relaunched V2 is because we want all the eyes on us once everything is complete. We want all of the new eyes to go on any of our stores and be blown away seeing how easy it is to receive a gift card or checkout via Amazon with very few clicks using our platform.

As many of you know, our good friends and close partners in FLOKI Inu have set new levels when it comes to marketing. We aim to work with the team to help advise us on some of the most effective strategies they have found to work, whether that be billboards, high traffic website advertisements etc. Nothing is off the table.

Any avenue that promises a proven return on investment to holders of CC token will be explored. At present, we have some of the most well-known and respected Twitter influencers advising the team, and helping exposure our updates to their respected communities. This is just the beginning.

We understand the importance of marketing and why it needs to be executed well. Building the CryptoCart platform and ensuring it is robust, safe, and meets all purposes outlined in our whitepaper is near completion, and time to get eyes on what we have been working so hard on for so long. We understand the importance of retaining the support of well respected community figures who will further instill trust in the project and help us to build and grow our community.

We are currently exploring some of the following avenues:

Community AMAs


Top YouTuber coverage

High traffic crypto website sponsers / advertisements

Additional Twitter marketing

TikToker marketing showing how easy it is to purchase and spend on our stores

We have the budget to carry out all of the above and want to ensure funds are spent in a responsible way to continue to grow our community. Over the next few months, we want everyone that uses or spends crypto to have heard of us and tried out our platform. We are going to heavily be marketing the utility we are adding to the CC token, and why it will be extremely beneficial to hold some if you use any of our platforms.

We think everything has been outlined in brief for the next few steps, and given you some comprehensive updates as to where we are at with everything. Finally, we wanted to thank the community once again for staying patient, and sticking by the team. We anticipate an explosive next few weeks and months for the community which you all deserve, and will be doing everything humanly possible to make it happen.



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