How to provide liquidity to the CCV2 BSC pool

CryptoCart community,

We thought we would release a short guide for our community on how to contribute to the CCV2 BSC LP prior to our BSC LP staking release. This guide is only aimed at helping users provide liquidity to the CryptoCart V2 pool on the Binance Smart Chain.

  1. Head over to and connect the wallet you wish to use to provide liquidity. Once your wallet is connected, there is a green button labelled “Add Liquidity”.
  2. Once you are at the point to select currencies, you will need to add CCV2 and BNB. The verified CCV2 contract address is 0x612e1726435fe38dd49a0b35b4065b56f49c8f11. This can be verified here:
  3. Enter the amount of CCV2 you wish to add to liquidity, and click the green button labelled “Supply”.

After all three of the steps above have been completed, you would have successfully supplied liquidity to the CCV2/BNB pool and will receive CAKE-LP tokens. The LP tokens you receive will be able to be staked on our staking platform. Over the next few days we will be releasing our BSC LP staking pool which can be found here: . For our community holding CCV2 tokens on the Ethereum chain that want to take part in LP staking will be able to bridge their tokens across chain here

For more information on how to add and remove liquidity from Pancakeswap, you can follow their official guide here:




E-Commerce on DeFi

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E-Commerce on DeFi

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