CryptoCart X Parex Partnership Announcement

4 min readAug 7, 2022


The CryptoCart team are excited to announce our most recent partnership with Parex. This partnership is aimed to help with exposure to all of our platforms, and to improve adoptability of CryptoCart. The Parex community can now use their token at checkout across all CryptoCart current, and future stores

What is Parex?

Parex is a decentralized exchange with an in-built PRX token unique to the mining production mechanism. Developed in response to the costly and often ethically dubious state of centralized finance, Parex promises to offer a secure, fluid and accessible platform like no other. Before Parex, teams had to develop and operate proprietary indexing servers, which required significant engineering and hardware resources, while breaking important security properties required for decentralization. The opportunities of decentralized networks like Parex offer solutions to these issues. So what sets Parex apart? Increased interoperability, a community-oriented ethos, and an environmentally friendly mining method.

The Parex production network is processed with the DRC-16 protocol and designed to build bridges with many networks thanks to Proof of Interoperability. Indeed, the Proof of Interoperability mechanism ensures that the PRX token is an interoperable token in every network. Every inter-network transfer is possible thanks to Parex Market. Switching between networks can be done for a low fee and with high efficiency, facilitating transfer routes for PRX. The Parex team have a really exciting year ahead of developments, and we are extremely excited to be partnering up with them to assist growth and support each others developments.

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How will Parex help CryptoCart?

Integrating Parex into our ecosystem will help CryptoCart with growth of our platforms, volume through them, and exposure to their growing community.

Exposure to additional communities, and volume going through our platforms directly helps fund the CryptoCart Vault and every single $CCV2 holder. For all not aware of what this is, I will in short break-down. For every purchase made on all platforms, the CryptoCart team get a commission of 1% on all gift cards purchased, and between 1–12% on all purchases made on the CryptoCart Marketplace at no mark-up to the consumer. All commission raised is used to directly purchase $CCV2 of the open market, and move it out of circulation on a randomised basis with all transactions shared, continuously rising the price of the $CCV2 token.

Alongside that, we have agreed on running some aggressive co-marketing events to raise awareness of our platform, alongside exposure to their community.

What will CryptoCart offer Parex?

At CryptoCart, it is apparent the utility we can add to absolutely any token or project, which directly benefits all CryptoCart holders. As part of our partnership, CryptoCart will offer Parex the following:

  • To accept $PRX as a payment method across all current, and future stores.
  • To list $PRX on every mutual chain they are listed on, starting with ERC20 & BEP20
  • To offer $PRX a set amount of unique discount vouchers to be used at checkout once our discount system goes live.
  • Co marketing events including Parex & CryptoCart holders across our social platforms to assist growth of both communities

For more information on what CryptoCart can offer to all of our partners, you can view the following:

What is CryptoCart?

At CryptoCart, our number one goal is to successfully bridge the gap between decentralized finance and e-commerce like never before. CryptoCart is a digital marketplace where consumers can purchase real-world goods & gift cards and checkout through using some of their favourite DeFi cryptocurrencies as a payment method.

On top of allowing an easy checkout process through the CryptoCart marketplace and gift card store, our team also has a vision to offer every product or service that consumers can imagine, whilst also offering several comprehensive rewards packages and options to users holding and using the $CCV2 token as a payment method. More on our token utility, and perks of holding $CCV2 can be found here:

Presently, we have built 9 Amazon affiliate stores which allows users to check out using any cryptocurrency that our platform accepts as a payment method. From here, we are working on expanding to include affiliate stores for Amazon globally, as well as adopting and on-boarding other DeFi tokens as payment methods.

We are also very proud to have built our own Gift Card Store that currently offers over 2400+ gift cards globally, with instant and free delivery, all without requiring the user to KYC or dispose of their cryptocurrency into fiat beforehand.

From here, we plan on building stores to accommodate some of the following markets for consumers:

  • CryptoCart Automobiles
  • CryptoCart Holidays
  • CryptoCart Luxury
  • CryptoCart Sport
  • CryptoCart Real Estate
  • CryptoCart Collab & Merch stores

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