CryptoCart X Messier Partnership Announcement

What is Messier?

  1. Messier has already developed a dapp that allows users to anonymously transfer ETH between wallets, is developing a fully decentralized DAO that operates solely on immutable smart-contracts, a unique collection of 87 NFTs that contain wrapped staked M87 tokens and much more.
  2. “Black Hole” (the privacy dapp) can be utilized to anonymously transfer ETH and can also be used to generate yield from the fees collected by the dapp that are distributed to those whom leave their deposits in the immutable smart contract. You can withdraw these at any time.
  3. The fees collected by the dapp also further a buy & burn on the M87 token directly, which is a hyper-deflationary token.
  4. Messier is developing many different services & applications that will collect fees that will be used to fund the treasury that feeds the proposals set forth by the DAO, which is controlled by the stakers / executed by smart-contracts.

How will Messier help CryptoCart?

What will CryptoCart offer Messier?

  • To accept $M87 as a payment method across all current, and future stores.
  • To offer $M87 a set amount of unique discount vouchers to be used at checkout once our discount system goes live.
  • Co marketing events including Messier & CryptoCart holders across our social platforms.

What is CryptoCart?

  • CryptoCart Automobiles
  • CryptoCart Holidays
  • CryptoCart Luxury
  • CryptoCart Sport
  • CryptoCart Real Estate
  • CryptoCart Collab & Merch stores



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