CryptoCart X Kiba Inu Partnership Announcement

The Crypto Cart team is excited to announce our partnership with our good friends over at Kiba Inu, to help with exposure to our platforms, and to improve adoptability of CryptoCart.

What is Kiba Inu?

Kiba Inu is a multichain token with a bridge that allows for swapping between the BSC and ETH networks. Kiba provides utility to its holders via Kiba Swap which is launching very soon. They have secured partnerships with top names like Udimese and the European Cricket League, and have implemented very aggresive marketing. Some of the features of Kiba Swap can be seen below:

It is more than just a place to swap $KIBA tokens. KibaSwap supports both ETH & BSC chains and gives exclusive access to Kiba holders to features like limit orders, stop loss, honeypot checker, KibaFomo, KibaGains, KibaCharts, and much more. This is THE game changing DEX you have been waiting for! All swaps that take place on our platform when holding kiba tokens are ran through an automated honey pot check to ensure safety before the purchase is made.

This small but mighty utility allows users to view contract details of any project within ETH, BSC, AVAX, FTM, POLY, and KCC chains. Now you can check for honeypot, buy/sell taxes, liquidity amount, and more within seconds.

With KibaGains, you can conveniently track your reflection gains that are earned passively with our custom dashboard. No more guessing your gains or managing excel sheets. View your Kiba balance and reflection gains all under one dashboard.

Telegram | Twitter | Kiba Bridge| Website | Coingecko

How will Kiba Inu help CryptoCart?

Integrating Kiba into our ecosystem will help CryptoCart tremendously with growth, and exposure to their massive community. Kiba is a rapidly growing community, and as a team we are grateful to integrate them into our ecosystem. As part of this partnership, for the benefit of the CryptoCart community the Kiba community have made a $5,000 purchase of CCV2 and sent it straight into our CryptoCart Vault to be moved out of circulation. We are proud to be joining forces, and helping expose the CryptoCart community and token to a fresh and massive audience.

View tx —

Exposure to additional communities, and volume going through our platforms directly helps fund the CryptoCart Vault. For all not aware of what this is, I will in short break-down. For every purchase made on all platforms, the CryptoCart team get a commission of 1% on all gift cards purchased, and between 1–12% on all purchases made on the CryptoCart Marketplace at no mark-up to the consumer. All commission raised is used to directly purchase $CC of the open market, and move it out of circulation on a randomised basis with all transactions shared, continuously rising the price of the $CC token.

We are also excited to announce on that CryptoCart will be featured in the Featured Sponsors section in KibaSwap, which will soon be released to over 30,000 holders.

What will CryptoCart offer Kiba Inu?

At CryptoCart, it is apparent the utility we can add to absolutely any token or project, which directly benefits all CryptoCart holders. As part of our partnership, CryptoCart will offer Kiba Inu the following:

  • To accept $KIBA as a payment method across all current, and future stores.
  • To offer $KIBA a set amount of unique discount vouchers to be used at checkout once our discount system goes live.
  • Exposure of KIBA Inu and their services to the CryptoCart Community.

What is CryptoCart?

At CryptoCart, our number one goal is to successfully bridge the gap between decentralized finance and e-commerce like never before. CryptoCart is a digital marketplace where consumers can purchase real-world goods & gift cards and checkout through using some of their favourite DeFi cryptocurrencies as a payment method.

On top of allowing an easy checkout process through the CryptoCart marketplace and gift card store, our team also has a vision to offer every product or service that consumers can imagine, whilst also offering several comprehensive rewards packages and options to users holding and using the $CC token as a payment method. More on our token utility, and perks of holding $CC can be found here:

Presently, we have built 5 Amazon affiliate stores which allows users to check out using any cryptocurrency that our platform accepts as a payment method. From here, we are working on expanding to include affiliate stores for Amazon globally, as well as adopting and on-boarding other DeFi tokens as payment methods.

We are also very proud to have built our own Gift Card Store that currently offers over 1700+ gift cards globally, with instant and free delivery, all without requiring the user to KYC or dispose of their cryptocurrency into fiat beforehand.

From here, we plan on building stores to accommodate some of the following markets for consumers:

  • CryptoCart Automobiles
  • CryptoCart Holidays
  • CryptoCart Luxury
  • CryptoCart Sport
  • CryptoCart Real Estate
  • CryptoCart Collab & Merch stores

Telegram | Twitter | Coingecko| Website | Marketplace | Gift Card Store




E-Commerce on DeFi

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E-Commerce on DeFi

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