CryptoCart X GIFT Strategic Partnership Announcement

2 min readJun 14, 2021

The CryptoCart ($CC) team are excited to announce our second strategic partnership with GIFT Protocol($GIFT)!

About GIFT

GIFT is decentralized gifting platform built on the Binance Smart Chain that allows users to introduce friends and family to the crypto industry and send them GIFT or any other crypto they choose whilst also earning a frictionless yield for just holding the token. They also provide a GIFT shop, personalized NFTs, and retailer integrations with a slow burn to reduce supply over time. You can learn much more about gift on the official GIFT Coin homepage.

What will CryptoCart offer GIFT?

  1. CryptoCart will accept $GIFT as a payment method on the marketplace.
  2. CryptoCart will offer GIFT unique NFT discount vouchers to be used at checkout by their community members.
  3. Exposure of GIFT from the $CC community.

“The CryptoCart team are very excited to work with the team over at GIFT to sync their gifting protocol with our marketplace. One of CryptoCart’s core goals is to assist with the wider fundamental mission of cryptocurrency itself, and that is to move the average consumer away from transacting in fiat and into transacting with cryptocurrency. We feel that this partnership with GIFT is a prominent step in the right direction (once we have carried out our BEP20 bridge) and will accelerate us towards our common goals of eCommerce on DeFi.”

- Felix & Leon, CEOs of CryptoCart

What will GIFT offer CryptoCart?

  1. Exposure to CC community from the GIFT Protocol.
  2. A personalized onboarding experience for users redeeming CC tokens through the gifting protocol, highlighting the goals of the project and the key aspects to the token’s utility.
  3. Enrolled into the GIFT Partner Rewards program, allowing partners to earn additional yield in GIFT.

We are absolutely thrilled to be working alongside the GIFT team in this strategic partnership and would like our community to go check them out with some of the links below!