CryptoCart — Whitelabel Gift Card Stores

CryptoCart community, we are back with another update on a service we can offer our partners; the whitelabel gift-card store.

To a very select few partners, CryptoCart can provide you with your own native whitelabel gift-card store dApp powered by CryptoCart. This will be a whitelabel store exclusively for your holders in your own branding powered by CryptoCart. CryptoCart will build your community your own exclusively owned gift-card store branded and styled to the partners branding.

The whitelabel store will operate the exact same as the CryptoCart Gift-Card Store, where all orders are automated and requires no manual processing. There is no complicated setup involved, it is all compiled code which makes opening white label stores very quick and easy. With each whitelabel store that is opened, they will be hosted on a separate domain to the main CryptoCart site. We can provide reports based on orders, customers, and top products monthly upon request. At CryptoCart, we would request one admin login incase we need to do any patch updates, where we will always contact the team prior to doing any maintenance. With every whitelabel store, all processing will be attached to CryptoCarts API. As CryptoCart continues to expand our catalog, they will also be applied to all whitelabel stores opened.

The project opening the whitelabel store will be able to pick whichever currencies / networks they want to take payments on, which could be native to their own token or include their partners as well. For the project opening the whitelabel store, this dApp can be as hands-off as they want it to be. At CryptoCart we can manage any support requests, deal with hosting of the dApp, manually updating products, adjusting branding etc.

Below is an example whitelabel mock-up store we have created for our partners FLOKI Inu for demonstration purposes:

If you are a project interested in opening your own whitelabel store, or want to learn more, feel free to email us over at

What does this mean for the CryptoCart community?

The CryptoCart community will see all of the exact same benefits as orders that go through our own native gift-card store. All orders on the all whitelabel Gift Card Stores will provide from 0.5% — 2% commission to CryptoCart at no markup to the customer. As with our own store, this model will continuously be used to market buy $CCV2 tokens from the open market with all of the traffic that goes through all current stores, whitelabel stores, and future stores.

Alongside the commission we will be receiving on each order to fund the vault, by gradually taking tokens out of circulation, and acting as a buy pressure, we will experience marketing from the projects that open stores. All stores will have “Powered by CryptoCart” in them, alongside collaborative marketing of the store.



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