CryptoCart — Relaunch plan, US Marketplace, Automation & more

The Relaunch

Below is the sequence of events that will take place over the next few days prior to getting live again.

The US CryptoCart Marketplace

With everything going on, we have also managed to complete the US CryptoCart Marketplace. This will be going live post launch to allow our US community to purchase products using Amazon, facilitated by our gift card store. The affiliate store will be identical to our UK CryptoCart Marketplace, and still in the process of importing products. As of right now, we have successfully imported ~4000 products which will be going live post-relaunch.

Gift Card Store Automation

Gift card automation has been challenging, but we are also happy to announce we are very, very close to completion with that. Upon completion, we will be going through a private main-net which a few community members, our core team, and our advisor team will gain access and try break the store using dummy funds. I know it feels like it is something we have been working on forever in the crypto world, but we are very proud with how quick we have managed to sync everything back-end which requires no maintenance, and something that will live with the entire community forever.

Final words

As always, we wanted to thank the community again for staying patience, and sticking by the team whilst we do everything humanly possible to get this situation turned around and hit the road running as soon as possible. This entire situation has been a massive learning experience for the entire team, and have taken so many positives away from it. Not only have we made some huge required improvements before we got to big and focused on adoption, we have massively upgraded our contracts and security making it safer for the entire community. Over the next few days, there will be a comprehensive plan on the Binance Smart Chain, and until then do not encourage trading any of the V1 CC tokens.



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