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4 min readApr 26, 2021

Over the last 48 hours, we have received numerous good questions in our telegram chat regarding CryptoCart. We have compiled the most common questions with detailed replies below.

Where can I find all of the public sale details?

The CryptoCart public sale ( commenced on 24th April 2021 at 12:00 UTC via Unicrypt’s ILO platform. The public sale fulfilled the 150 ETH hard-cap within a minute of opening, where investors had the opportunity to purchase a maximum of 5 ETH at 2500 CC tokens per ETH. Immediately after filling, the CC/ETH pair was automatically created and liquidity was subsequently locked for 6 months.

Is the team anonymous or public?

The team have opted to remain anonymous, however we have undertaken KYC with an independent influencer, known as Defi_Owl on Twitter and Telegram. The reason for initial anonymity is due to the fact that the team have real world jobs in e-commerce & software development which are competitor industries to the project. This is to avoid conflict of interest and employment issues in the meantime. Later down the line, the team may opt to go public if this is beneficial to the future success of the project.

Our core team currently consists of Felix and Leon whom both have high contracted positions in a global e-commerce store based in central Europe. Our lead developer is a remote work colleague based in Southeast Asia. The option to stay anonymous is to not cause any legal complications. In the very near future and with the success of CryptoCart we will in all likelihood abandon our day jobs and consider going public when the need for this arises.

With regards to anonymity, we understand this creates a need for increased investor security and trust between the community and our team. We have therefore taken every measure we can to ensure investor safety.

What about Investor safety?

Extensive preliminary measures have been undertaken to ensure safety for investors in light of the fact that the team wishes to at least temporarily remain anonymous. These measures include:

- Choosing a safe launch with an automatic listing and liquidity lock via Unicrypt ILO

- Vesting & locking tokens in advance of/prior to the public sale, as per our schedule

- Undertaking an independent third party audit of our smart contract

(Audit report to be released soon and published in our telegram & Twitter.)

- Our core team has provided KYC to an independent influencer known as Defi_Owl on Twitter and Telegram on the understanding that documents can be release should the team act nefariously.

If there are any other measures the community would recommend we make that have not yet been undertaken, our team are very open to this.

Audit Report?

We have reached out to several independent auditors for our smart contract audit and to confirm that our contract is safe. We have opted for Solidity Finance due to the turn-around time and the in-depth report they publish. As soon as these results are published to us, we will share the findings with the community regardless of the result. We are confident of a positive result.

What is the Circulating Supply?

This is a very frequently asked question, especially within the first 24 hours. All of the information regarding the tokenomics can be found on our website & whitepaper.

Total Supply — 1,000,000 CC

Circulating Supply — 375,000 CC

More on the supply can be found here:

What is the Market Cap?

Market cap is calculated by circulating supply multiplied by the current value of one token.

At $5 our Market Cap would be $1,875,000

At $10 our Market Cap would be $3,750,000

At $20 our Market Cap would be $7,500,000

Have your team run any projects before?

Collectively the team has not publicly launched a project on DeFi, and this is our first offering. However, the team has extensive combined expertise in e-commerce and development, including Solidity.

When is Main-net release?

As per our roadmap (, we are aiming to release our marketplace in full by July. Prior to doing so, we will launch test-net for our community to vigorously beta-test so that we can have live reporting and fix any teething issues.

We will compile community feedback and undergo rigorous pen-testing and audits of the platform before going live on main-net.

Who can I contact about marketing?

For marketing proposals, please email or contact the following team members on telegram:




What marketing do we intend to do?

With regards to marketing, we are exploring all avenues to expose CryptoCart to a wide audience and grow our community. Our current list of avenues that we are opting to explore are:

Twitter Influencers

YouTube Influencers

DexTools advertisements

CoinGecko advertisements

Social Media promotions

SEO Ranking

How does CryptoCart aim to exceed current marketplace offerings by competitors?

We will be releasing a comprehensive infographic shortly detailing the various benefits of CryptoCart over current marketplace offerings. We are excited to bring something new to the space and enrich the crypto e-commerce ecosystem. Our ethos is that with new rewards systems built from the ground-up, we will offer a different approach that is consumer friendly to the average joe as well as beneficial for bigger investors. More details will be released soon on exactly how we aim to achieve these goals.

We will be covering this in our info graphic within the week.

We would also like to take this time to thank the CryptoCart community for their on-going support. As we receive more questions, we will revamp this FAQ or add to it.

Below are some of the official CryptoCart links:



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