CryptoCart Development Update

6 min readJun 8, 2022


CryptoCart community, today we have a few very exciting announcements about developments in progress, and more on what we are working on. To see our full roadmap for 2022, you can view HERE. So without further ado, lets get into it.

Mobile App Development

As per our roadmap, we stated we would have a mobile application developed for the CryptoCart community, and today we want to elaborate a bit more on the plans and progression.

To start with we are going to be developing a mobile app on iOS & Android. The application will launch to be a wallet for any gift cards purchased to make it easier to use them on the move. You will be able to view all your cards, and then clicking on one will show what denominations you have available. In the wallet app you will be able to mark which codes you have used which will be archived, and incrementally implement barcode formats. Post successful launch, we are going to look into improving it and imagine it to eventually be a full app where user’s can connect their wallets and purchase cards similar to our website. Mobile application development has started and in very early stages. Below are some teasers:

Prototype 1 — Subject to changes
Prototype 1 — Subject to changes

Gift Card Store Improvements

To improve our user’s experience we have decided we are going to move to an improved ecommerce system. Our current system is fit for purpose, but as we expand and grow our range and volume through the platform, it will become a necessity. With our entire catalogue and denominations, we have over 30,000 fields we are exporting / importing daily to refresh stock. On the rare occasion when orders are made during this period, some orders fail due to them going out of stock during the import resulting in delay in some orders and refunds. This development leads onto the following development as per our roadmap.

Catalogue Improvements

As per our roadmap we stated we aim to expand to offer over 5000 gift cards globally. Not one single gift card supplier has an API big enough to supply that many, so we have been in constant talks with additional suppliers about growing the range. With the improvements stated above, we will be able to work with numerous suppliers to merge and grow the catalogue. We have been in meetings with a few different suppliers which all display live stock levels, so there will never be instances where when you place an order, the card is not delivered or delayed. When you place an order with any supported project, you can expect your card within a matter of minutes.

Along with these improvements, we are working towards introducing open card values. This means there will no longer be restrictions to a dollar value per card like we currently have. If the gift card supports it, you will have a type box with a min / max value allowed.

Tiered Discounts

As promised, we have been looking into the best ways to introduce a tiered discount system to our platform to benefit and provide even more utility to our CryptoCart community. Alongside the above store improvements, this is something we are going to introduce. After hours, and hours, and hours of discussion and planning we have decided on the following to be the best way to move forward with it in the interest of our holders.

The best way we have brainstormed to introduce a tiered discount system that will not only benefit all holders of our token that use our platform but maintain stability of the token will be through a rewards pool smart contract. For every purchase you make throughout the site, we will record the amount of CCV2 you hold, price of the token at the time of purchase, and the total order amount. This will be recorded prior to purchase for user’s spending their CCV2 tokens.

Once the order is complete and the gift card has been delivered, the rewards pool will automatically update with how many CCV2 you will receive based on the total purchase amount and the amount of CCV2 you hold at the time. The exact %’s for each tier is yet to be finalized, but is being developed in a way to be easily adjustable. For example if the token price fluctuates massively, the discounts will either become impossible to obtain or unsustainable; hence why we’re building it to be easy for us to change the tier brackets. Below is an example of user holding 1000 CCV2 tokens eligible for a 5% discount (subject to change), with the price of CCV2 at $2.

User wants to purchase a $1000 eBay card, and holds 1000 CCV2 in their wallet. The user checks out the gift card. Our system will record the total order amount ($1000), the price of CCV2 at the time of purchase ($2), and that the amount of CCV2 tokens the user is holding (1000).

5% (discount tier) of $1000 (order amount) is $50 CCV2 in rewards.

At the time of purchase, CCV2 was trading at $2.

$50 / $2 = 25 CCV2 in rewards

The user will be able to either claim their discount back to their own wallet, or automatically top up your balance on the gift card store to use at a later date.

Additional Improvements

Alongside some of the key developments we are making as stated above, we want to be correctly positioned and ready for adoption when the time comes and the market shows some strength. For that reason, we are also going to be working on improving the store by doing the following that has not been included in our roadmap:

  • Introducing additional payment methods such as Binance Pay & Coinbase Wallet
  • Changing the login system from email to authentication with a web3 wallet
  • Introducing a top-up system page. This would allow the user to top-up their balance once and spend the funds across the entire store numerous times without paying additional gas fees.

And on a final note, we wanted to thank the community once again for the incredible support shown daily. Without each and everyone of your thoughts, suggestions and improvements, none of this would have been possible. As a team we promise to continue working regardless of the market to develop and grow the project to where we want it to be. As a team, we are excited. By the end of this year we want to be better positioned for adoption when the time comes, and truly bridge the gap between decentralized finance and e-commerce like never before.

Felix, Leon & MoonPig