CryptoCart — Affiliate Marketing Program ideas

4 min readFeb 24, 2023


CryptoCart community, today we wanted to pitch the idea of an affiliate marketing program we have thought about over the last few weeks which financially supports loyal community members for helping with the growth and expansion of CryptoCart.

At CryptoCart, the heart of all developments and updates are for our community. They always have been, and always will be. We have always been a very small team that works on developments in house, based on community demand. Over the last year or so, as a community we’ve witnessed numerous community members help with suggesting ways to improve our products, expand through partnerships, request additional cards which could be of interest, and overall general recommendations to improve our project. We felt, it was only right as a community project, that we was to incentivise community members that helped the growth and expansion of CryptoCart.

The traditional route (and most common), is to throw tokens at influencers with vesting periods. Regardless if they believe, or use what we’re working on growing they generally are just being paid to spread the word of the project. While that is always an option, we wanted to suggest our own community program that financialy supports the people that support us. Whether that be 10 followers or 10,000, every single holder is just as important to us.

The marketing program idea we had is designed for community members, existing customers, influencers, marketing agencies, and everyone in between that wants to support the growth and expansion of CryptoCart. The idea would revolve around onboarding community members to utilize their networks to spread about CryptoCart, and assist in the growth of the project. Before we continue with the ideas we have, I have to remind everyone NOTHING is finalized yet, and ALL community feedback will be considered, and as a project will move in the direction the community want us to.


CryptoCart maintains and attracts strong strategical partnerships with all types of projects for the utility we can add to any ecosystem. Over the last year or so, as a team we believe we’ve seen considerable growth in the roughest of market conditions through partnerships. Not all of them have seen considerable price movements, but through each one we expand the potential users that can use our platform, our online presence through partnership announcement & articles, and revenue through our platform; that funds the CryptoCart Vault. Some partnerships have been charged for the utility we can add, subsequently resulting in the team disposing NO team tokens since launch for maintenance and running all of our server costs, vendor fees, and all other fees incurred.

Some of our greatest partnerships we’ve secured have come through community members connections, and we felt it is only right to financially support the ones that support us. This is just the first idea we had regarding getting the community more involved in the growth of CryptoCart, and reward the correct people for passing on leads / opening dialouge. This would only be for partnerships that are secured & announced, and if a fee is charged to the other project, for the community member to receive a kick-back. Below you can find a link to a list of all of our current partners and supported chains, as well as our current partnership form:


The second idea we had was to support the community members that make as much noise as possible surrounding CryptoCart, educating and highlighting what CryptoCart is, our plans, and achievements. Whether this be through infographics, general marketing, educational videos etc. A set “kick-back” structure hasn’t been designed yet to what will be rewarded and to whom, and is totally up for community feedback. It is evident that marketing is a necessity, and something we have held back over the last few months so it wasn’t wasted during the market’s general downfall. There is no point in having the worlds greatest product if no-one knows about it, and something we want to heavily focus on during better market conditions (hence this overall announcement).

Please all note, this is just the first original draft of the announcement, and NOTHING is finalized. Everything in this announcement is subject to change based on community recommendations & feedback.

We welcome community members suggest all feedback and ideas they have surrounding proposals above, how they would like to see it working etc. And finally, as a team we want to take a moment to express our gratitude to all those who have read it. Thank you for taking the time to engage with our ideas and the on-going constant support shown. Since launch, the most successful moments experienced so far have been these collective efforts and are what make this community strong and vibrant regardless of size.

Thank you.