Automation is NOW LIVE.

Good afternoon all, we are back with probably the most exciting update yet. First and foremost, we wanted to thank the entire CryptoCart community for the tremendous amount of support and patience shown to the team as we continued to work through delivering on everything we promised to deliver. Many doubted, many thought it was all just words, many thought it was impossible. Today is one of the biggest days for the community, as we are proud to announce that automation is now live on both the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum Network.

What does this mean?.

For the user, this means none of the orders placed are manually processed, removing any possibilities for human error, removing long wait times, displaying live stock, and making the store infinitely scalable.

We’ve built two distinct services, 1 for transaction verification and 1 to publish gift cards. These services act completely independently but also in partnership. The transaction verification service can take any transaction based on a transaction receipt and verifies it against an expected range of values. Things like block confirmations, destination wallet and verifying the currency sent is an expected one. As you can imagine, this process is extremely important and one that took most of the time. We had to guard against all types of cases where users could try to fool the system so we had to test this to the extreme.

The gift card service is simply a system that takes orders and speaks to our back end services to distribute the gift cards. This system also deals with fiat currency conversion so the gift cards are issued in the correct denominations.

Another main reason that has taken so long is how we engineered the services. They all run a micro service architecture and sit underneath a message broker which means we are infinitely scalable. Running this infrastructure means we can accept millions of transactions a minute with ease and we can scale to demand.

Is this the finished product?.

In short, no.

We wanted to get this live for the community to use as we feel we are at a happy enough state for it to go live, however this is not the complete product. Over the next few weeks and months, we will continuously making updates to improve the UX / UI. Below is a list of a few additions we have pre-planned and will be begin work on:

  1. Adding barcodes

2. Adding additional networks as payment methods

3. Adding the ability for users to add their gift cards to their Apple or Android wallets.

4. Loyalty schemes and cashback for users holding our $CCV2 token.

5. NFT Integration

6. Fiat on / off ramps

What's next?.

As you can imagine, when we started automating the store we never envisaged the beast it was about to become. What has been built is a community owned platform, that will live in the crypto space forever and continuously reward our CCV2 holders. Alongside the improvements we will be making to the store which was outlined above, we plan on attacking the following tasks.

Adding additional utility to our holders

Up until now, the only real incentive to hold the CCV2 token is that it is one of the few tokens directly spendable of the CryptoCart Gift Card Store, and the perks of the continued buy pressure from the CryptoCart Vault. However, over the coming days, weeks and months we are going to continue to scale up and add much more utility to CCV2 tokens with the goal of increasing adoption on our platforms and creating a CCV2-centric environment where holders directly benefit from the native token in a broad range of ways.

Below we have drafted some utility ideas and the perks we will bring to CCV2 holders and and plan on implementing into our ecosystem:

  1. Tiered discounts at checkout for all currencies based on CCV2 holdings
  2. Tiered community airdrops based on CCV2 holdings.
  3. Loyalty schemes & Cashback for CCV2 holders
  4. Continued incentives to drive more tokens into the CryptoCart Vault to remove tokens from circulation
  5. Introduction of white label stores, powered by CryptoCart

When it comes to what we can add to the token, it all depends on what the community want. If you have any ideas on utility you would like to see us add to the token, head over to any of our social media accounts or Telegram channels and share your opinions. Driving value for our holders is a key focus to help grow the token and platforms.


As promised, we want to push heavy towards adoption of our platforms and tokens. Below is a very brief breakdown of our marketing plans and what areas we aim on hitting.

We already know, and anyone that has used any of our stores know that what we have built is game changing for the way people can spend crypto for goods and services, and can be very easily adopted by millions overnight with the correct exposure. The reason we have not started as soon as we relaunched V2 is because we want all the eyes on us once everything is complete. We want all of the new eyes to go on any of our stores and be blown away seeing how easy and quick it is to receive a gift card or checkout via Amazon with very few clicks using our platform.

As many of you know, our good friends and close partners in FLOKI Inu have set new levels when it comes to marketing. We aim to work with the team to help advise us on some of the most effective strategies they have found to work, whether that be billboards, high traffic website advertisements etc. Nothing is off the table. Any avenue that promises a proven return on investment to holders of CC token will be explored. This is just the beginning.

We understand the importance of marketing and why it needs to be executed well. Building the CryptoCart platform and ensuring it is robust, safe, and met all purposes outlined in our whitepaper was priority, and now is the time to get eyes on what we have been working so hard on for so long. This will include community AMA’s, YouTube coverage, exchange listings, high traffic website / sponsors, social media coverage, and a lot more. We are going to heavily be marketing the utility we are adding to the CC token, and why it will be extremely beneficial to hold some if you use any of our platforms.

Additional Stores

As proposed to the community a few weeks back, this is just the second of many stores. To date, we have opened 4 CryptoCart Marketplaces in the USA, UK, Canada and Australia, and our global gift-card store. We plan on expanding our Marketplaces globally, and have stores built for all regions of the world that can order from Amazon.

However, that is not all. Additional store developments are in the pipeline for CryptoCart, no date has been attached to the launches. Below are some ideas we are interested in exploring:

  1. CryptoCart Automobiles
  2. CryptoCart Holidays
  3. CryptoCart Luxury
  4. CryptoCart Sports
  5. CryptoCart Collab & Merch stores

Expanding to additional networks

As mentioned months ago, expanding our token across networks to help with adoption was always going to happen. We will also be opening bridges to support transferring of tokens between networks. We are very keen on building on Hathor, Avalanche, Solana, Polygon. If there is enough community demand, we are always open to suggestions on additional chains to expand into. We are delighted that the Hathor team have announced us as one of the 104 projects that will be building on the Hathor Network:

As we touched on above, for each chain we expand onto, payment methods across all stores for that chain will be added to our platforms.

Additional staking pools

To date, we currently only have the one staking pool live which is for our CCV2 holders on the Ethereum chain. The APR is currently at 51.36%, with over a quarter of the circulating supply staked. If you are interested in staking your CCV2 tokens, you can do so here:

Over the next few weeks, we will be making it a priority to add additional pools to our staking platform. The first pool to launch will be to BEP20 CCV2 LP token to encourage users to help provide liquidity and offer high rewards.

And on a final note, we wanted to thank the community once again for staying patient, and sticking by the team. The last few months have been challenging not only for our holders, but for the team working sleepless nights trying to tie up developments to get automation live. We really hope you enjoy using the platform, and all feedback is very much appreciated.

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