Our core team at CryptoCart have had a very busy first week post-launch and would like to share with you some more of the specifics of what has been going on behind the scenes so far. …

It is currently Thursday 29th April, five days post-launch and the team are thrilled to bring you some further input about the direction of CryptoCart and all of the incredible progress we have made since launching.

Day Five Team Progress

Behind the scenes, whilst our community helpers have been busy managing our lively Telegram chats and dealing with investors’ queries over social media, our core team have been networking, holding business meetings, drafting proposals, budgeting, and steadily moving development along the required cycle which is all currently on schedule.

We have compiled our reports from several business meetings held in the last three days…

After just three days post-launch CryptoCart has seen incredible adoption and we are now the centerpiece of a bustling community full of incredibly supportive individuals. For that reason, we felt that we would share our mission and ethos with you along the journey and divulge some more information about our commitments to crypto e-commerce.

We at CryptoCart plan to work with, and not against, the current market offerings and build on what we see as a few ‘gaps in the market’ by improving the systems and offerings we have seen and experienced. With our decades of combined e-commerce experience, and…

Over the last 48 hours, we have received numerous good questions in our telegram chat regarding CryptoCart. We have compiled the most common questions with detailed replies below.

Where can I find all of the public sale details?

The CryptoCart public sale (https://cryptocart.cc/#publicsale) commenced on 24th April 2021 at 12:00 UTC via Unicrypt’s ILO platform. The public sale fulfilled the 150 ETH hard-cap within a minute of opening, where investors had the opportunity to purchase a maximum of 5 ETH at 2500 CC tokens per ETH. Immediately after filling, the CC/ETH pair was automatically created and liquidity was subsequently locked for 6 months.

Is the team anonymous or public?

The team have opted to remain anonymous…


E-Commerce on DeFi

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